Casey Claxon is no stranger to the classroom stage. From his first performance as a 2nd grader in Mrs. Evans' classroom at Scioto Furnace Elementary School to his presentations across the state of Ohio, Casey is a classroom favorite for elementary school children.

Casey is a graduate of South Webster High School and Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He is also the oldest of 8 children, 7 of which all attended and graduated from MVNU.

Musically, Casey plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, and alto saxophone. He credits his church, family, and musical educators for his passion for music. Mr. Edward Kesslar, Ms. Norna Prior, and Mrs. Vickie Evans from the Bloom Vernon Local School District are still his heroes.

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The Bully Busters


“Susie” is a new student who is attending class for the very first time. The students quickly learn where “Susie” is from and why she has come to a new school. The class will hear “Susie” sing with Casey. Susie loves to sing! She even learns Casey’s original “Bully Buster” song.


“Leroy” is Casey’s pet cat. This feline is truly a classroom favorite. “Leroy” steals the show as well as the hearts of “Susie” and the children. “Leroy” smiles, purrs, and even sings, much to the delight of the children.


The “Custodian,” is a wise grandmotherly character who is always looking out for the best interests of children.

The “Custodian” character is based on Casey’s childhood “Bully Buster,” who was the “coolest” and “most popular” person at his elementary school.

Joe Anne Claxon

Joe Anne Claxon is the voice behind all three characters. She lends her musical talents to bring “Susie,” “Leroy,” and the “Custodian” to life in the classroom.

Joe Anne is also Casey’s mother. She and her husband, Tom, are the proud parents of 8 children; Casey, Amy, Corey, Shelly, Wes, Les, Claudia, and Kirby.

Joe Anne, originally from Lewis County, Kentucky, is a graduate of Portsmouth High School.